Welcome to my portfolio! My name is Ashley Fernandes and I am a Canadian writer and blogger based in the Toronto area with experience in writing short and long fiction, poetry, and non-fiction. I am also currently a second-year student in Early Childhood Education at Sheridan College and therefore hold the ability to write about my other passions, parenting and child care. As I finish up the first draft of my first novel, Hummingbirds in the Night Sky, my main focus in writing at the moment is on female empowerment and enlightenment of the body, mind, and soul. My poetry, essays, and articles have been published in literary magazines, anthologies, and on websites. Overall, my mission is to inspire women and men through my words and to share my light with the world.

Other Worldly Women Press – A Headrest for the Feminine Soul (Anthology) – “Conscious Menstruation and the Wild Woman Within You
My essay, “Conscious Menstruation and the Wild Woman Within You” was published June 2020 in A Headrest For the Feminine Soul, an anthology dedicated to empowering women in spirituality and healing with feminine spirits. The essay I wrote focuses on how conscious menstruation can offer women the opportunity to heal by learning the art of letting go of toxic energy to bring in light and positivity.
Dear Enlightened One – “Manifesting Your Divine Soulmate Through the Law of Attraction”
My article, “Manifesting Your Divine Soulmate Through the Law of Attraction,” published by Dear Enlightened One on June 1st, 2020, offers deep advice to women and men experiencing trouble in their love lives by encouraging the use of the metaphysical phenomenon, the “Law of Attraction.” This piece explores the idea that there is someone out there for everyone, and encourages those seeking romance to take matters into their own hands and manifest their loving soulmate into their lives by putting their intention out to the universe.
The Big Windows Review – Issue 19 – “Witching Hour Bliss
My poem, “Witching Hour Bliss,” is a published work in Issue 19 of The Big Windows Review and on their website. It is a short, eccentric poem about someone opening their window at 3am and feeling a sense of awakening.
INKspire – Article – Marine Life Captivity and Conservation: A Canadian Issue
My article, “Marine Life Captivity and Conservation: A Canadian Issue” was published by INKspire on August 5th, 2020. It explores the issues that Canadian sea life are facing in terms of marine conservation and captivity. Featuring numerous credible sources as evidence to support claims, the piece thoroughly explains the threats that marine life in Canada face including climate change, overfishing and pollution. The article then explains the tactics and methods that Canada is using to keep oceans safe and marine animals out of harm’s way, as well as ways that Canadians as a whole can pledge to stop supporting marine life in captivity and endangerment.
INKspire – Article – Exploring Toronto During COVID-19
My article, “Exploring Toronto During COVID-19 was published by INKspire on September 3rd, 2020. I co-wrote this travel article that elaborates on five of the most notable and worth-visiting landmarks of Toronto, Ontario, including the CN Tower, Royal Ontario Museum and more. This piece is especially interesting because it focuses on how these hot-spots are handling the COVID-19 pandemic to give the audience an understanding on what safety regulations and rules they would need to follow when visiting. All in all, the tourist or local unsure of whether or not it is safe to attend these areas should feel assured and knowledgeable after reading this article.
INKspire – Long Feature Article – Is Honey Consumption Sustainable?
My article, “Is Honey Consumption Sustainable?” was published by INKspire on July 1st, 2020. Using several credible and thorough sources of information, this article explains the harmful effects that conventional bee farming has on bee health and the environment. It questions the environmental sustainability of honey and whether honey is a ethical product. The piece also provides ways that one can protect bees and strive to become better stewards of our planet.
INKspire – Long Feature Article – What Makes People Afraid During a Pandemic?
My article, “What Makes People Afraid During a Pandemic?” was published by INKspire on April 22, 2020. Using researched points from valid sources of information in psychology, this article takes into account the common fears that a person might face during a pandemic and applies it to the current situation that one may be facing today with COVID-19. It explores healthy ways that a person may overcome these fears and encourages one to understand the psychology behind what they are feeling.
INKspire – Long Feature Article – Ancient Wisdom for Mental Health in Modern Times
My article, “Ancient Wisdom for Mental Health in Modern Times” was published by INKspire on June 2nd, 2020. This well-researched article takes wisdom from ancient philosophers of the East and the West, including both Guatama Buddha and Plato, and considers how a modern person can apply it to their personal lives to achieve better mental health and well-being.
42 Stories Anthology: Answers to the Universe in 42 Words.
Three of my 42-word stories are chosen for publication in this upcoming anthology. These micro stories are in the genres of horror, humor, and werewolves.
The Beatnik Cowboy – The Call of Nature.
My poem, “The Call of Nature,” was published by The Beatnik Cowboy on May 14, 2020. It is a short piece on being one with nature and experiencing the tranquility, madness, and awakening it has to offer.