I’m Ashley, the founder of Road to Ashland. This is where I touch on just about everything from personal stories to spirituality, philosophy, and lifestyle. Every page and word on this blog comes from the bottom of my heart and is delivered to you with an abundance of LOVE, HEALING, and WISDOM.

The Road to Ashland is my version of the path to enlightenment, except it is a path we travel together on our individual journeys of self-love and awakening.

From childhood, I have had a passion for the written word like no other. Writing is a way for me to express myself and has helped me through some of the most difficult times in my life, as I hope reading it will do for you. I am here to share the bits of knowledge I have gained and discoveries I have made to help you find your path – your road to Ashland.

I have one mission: to inspire, enlighten, and entertain through the words that bleed from my pen to paper. And by you being here today, reading this page, you are helping me do that. So, thank you! I sincerely hope that you will continue, as I will continue for you.

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