The Mystery of Standing Stones | Portals or Aliens?

If you’re like me and have been picked up by the kilt-crazed fan base of the Starz TV show, Outlander, you may have been intrigued by the frequent mention of standing stones. In the show, the main character, Claire, travels to Scotland on a vacation with her husband but ends up coming across the (fictional) stone circle named “Craigh na Dun”. On the eve of Samhain, she notices a group of women dancing wistfully around the circle with torches and flower garlands, inspired by the folklore legends of ancient Druid women. Not long after, Claire leans on a stone and finds herself suddenly transported back in time to eighteenth century Scotland.

Is there some truth to this otherwise fictional story? If not portals, could there be some other kind of magical or supernatural phenomena tied to the mysterious standing stones?


King Arthur?

In the memoir, “In Search of Stones,” by Scott Peck, an aging man and his wife travel to the British Isles to find various megalithic stone circles. Throughout the novel, he frequently mentions King Arthur and Merlin, as many of the stones have legends attached to them about the mythical hero and the wizard. One stone circle in particular, Mynachlog-ddu but more commonly known as Bedd Arthur (“Arthur’s Grave“), is believed to be the final resting place of King Arthur himself. However, according to Land of Legends, the site is not any ordinary stone circle, and is believed to have actually been a tomb.

If Merlin was truly a wizard or sorcerer, then it could be that his magic still resides in Bedd Arthur and possibly other stone circles across the British Isles. Perhaps this is what gives stone circles its alluring, magical vibe.

Otherwise, the idea that it may be a tomb this may give us more insight into the origins of other stone circles. Could they have been ancient structures or tombs, and have simply been weathered with time? Granted, Bedd Arthur is very different from other circles like Stonehenge with the large stone atop of the smaller stones, but it’s another theory to add on.

Could this be the final resting place of King Arthur, possibly visited by Merlin?
Source: Land of Legends

Portals to Another Dimension?

Although the idea of the standing stones leading to another dimension in time was a figment of Diana Gabaldon’s imagination, there are legends and folklore that point to the existence of such a claim.

Supposedly, the FBI and Nasa have openly assumed that gates to other dimensional realms are hidden in the Earth’s magnetic field. I would not be surprised if Stonehenge turns out to be a portal because, well, look at it. Anyone who visits one of these sites will probably tell you that they felt something there, like a high vibrational energy surrounding the stones. Could this be a powerful force-field that harbors between the stones?

I remember hearing from somebody who visited a stone circle that there were a bunch of people standing around with tin-foil hats, claiming that they were having a “spiritual experience”. It sounds a little nutty, but if these sites really bring out thousands of people every year just to see a few stones, then maybe there is really something magical about it, and they’re more than just rocks.

Could stone circles be portals to other dimensions?

Built by Aliens?

Perhaps the most popular conspiracy surrounding standing stones is the one that claims it was built by Aliens. Much like how people can’t figure out how the Egyptian pyramids were built and therefore declare, “it must be aliens,” there are those who can’t find a rational explanation for how the standing stone circles came to be.

After all, each stone weighs around thousands of pounds, and with ancient tools and technology, how could normal humans possibly move these boulders with such precision and careful positioning? Since aliens have always been speculated to be more advanced than mankind, these stones could have been created with alien technology. That could also explain the mystical feeling surrounding the stones, and the portal theory — because maybe the aliens put it there.

Another theory points to the fact that stone circles may be built be giants. Maybe all those Greek legends and folklore about when the Gods roamed the earth as giants were true, and they were the ones that built stone circles. A little far-fetched maybe, but let’s not leave anything off the table.

Could stone circles be built by aliens?

Whatever phenomena surrounds these stones, people love them. There’s just something about it that attracts bucket-loads of tourists, and maybe it’s the supernatural energy pulling them in. Or, you know, it’s just a cool thing to see. We may never know for sure, but it’s fun to speculate.

What is your theory about standing stones?

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