How to Build a Fairy Garden | Attract the Fae for Abundance, Healing and Prosperity

In several places around the world, especially Ireland, Scotland, Iceland and more, people strongly believe to this day in the existence of fairies and other fae folk. For many, it is a large part of their culture and history, and fairy gardens and houses are commonly seen, some placed far away in forests and some right in the middle of front yards. It is a way for these people to practice their belief that in doing so, the fairies will pay them back for their generosity with blessings such as wealth, abundance, and prosperity. Others believe that it is simply a way for the not-so-kind fae folk to leave them alone from their tricks. Whatever it is, it is always a fun project to build a fairy garden, and certainly a beautiful accent to your home as you imagine whimsical little beings floating around your lovely creation!

Build a House or Hiding Place

In building a fairy garden, the first thing you will want is a little place for them to hide and cozy up in. The fairies don’t always like to be seen, as they love to preserve their mystery, and therefore they are more likely to reside in your garden if there is a place where they feel safe from human eyes. You may think about building a small wooden house for them to rest their head, or you may place a glass jar with moss, foliage and/or lights inside it. There are complex ways to build a fairy house and there are simple ways, and it is all up to you, whether you are an art-loving perfectionist or simply someone who adores the fae!

Decorate the Garden

Of course, decorating is always the fun part. Who doesn’t love seeing their beloved creation come together in a beautiful way? You may decorate your fairy garden however you please, but some fun additions to consider are lights, colourful plants and little miniature-sized furnishings like wooden tables made from popsicle sticks and sticks sliced to look like tree stumps.

Some have even made their fairy gardens by revamping a bird bath, large barrel, bucket, or clay pot by filling it with dirt, pebbles and small fairy attractions.

Image Source: Cool Creativity
Image Source: Cool Creativity
Image Source: Cool Creativity

Other lovely fairy gardens I’ve seen are made in window sills or even on the ground around trees. The former, I think, would be absolutely wonderful and may even make for some sightings of fairies dancing at your window!

If you don’t want to build your fairy garden at your own home, you can always make it in some woods nearby, in a place you know people rarely or never go by. This is important so that your garden does not get tampered with or ruined by a passerby!

Leave Out Offerings

The fae folk have a sweet tooth, and they love it when you leave out little treats and sweet things for them to show your gratitude and acknowledgement of them. It lets them know that you are aware of their presence and that you mean well, and they can therefore begin to offer blessings in your life. Some foods that are commonly left in fairy gardens include bread with jam, pie, cake and cookies. Milk is also a favourite, but if you are vegan like myself, a plant-based milk like almond or oat milk would do just as well. Some will even leave alcoholic beverages such as beer, or non-edible offerings like flowers.

Reap the Benefits

Besides the increased child-like imagination you may experience by building a fairy garden to attract fae, there are many benefits that come with such a practice.

As the fae begin to arrive into your garden, you might experience a sudden sense of peace, serenity and calmness of mind. You may also begin to feel that you want to do good things for others; an increased sense of empathy, compassion and generosity.

Physically, having a fairy garden can bring blessings such as increased luck and prosperity. This can either be career or relationship-wise, meaning you begin to develop healthy relationships or meet new people, or see more opportunities for growth and abundance.

Your connection to your inner child may become stronger and you may find yourself wanting to heal this part of you more and more. This is because beliefs in things of the otherworldly are often something we leave behind as we grow older, as we become more acquainted with “reality” and find it too “childish” to play make-believe. As we bring this childish nature back into our lives, our inner child soars and feels wanted once more. Meditate on this feeling and allow yourself to experience a flow of stirred-up emotions that may have been suppressed since childhood.

Overall, remember to thank the fairies for any wonderful benefits that you are given. And remember, sometimes the fae can be tricksters, which is why it’s always important to be kind and respectful!

Building a fairy garden can be a simple task or it can be turned into a project that takes time, effort and dedication. Whatever you choose, this art comes with many benefits from physical to mental to spiritual, and overall leave you with a lighter feeling on your shoulders. Leave it up to the Good People to do just that!

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