Celebrating Halloween in Summer | 5 Ways to Get In the Spooky Spirit All Year-Round

If you haven’t heard, there are people that are putting up Christmas trees and pretending it’s the holiday season just to brighten up their spirits during these times of dreary isolation. Naturally, that idea got me thinking. For those horror and Halloween freaks, why not pretend that it’s the Halloween season to get us in the spooky mood that we love so much? I’m sure most of us are already binge-watching scary films and shows or reading Stephen King novels to pass the time, but any horror junkie knows there’s just a different and better feeling when you do those things on Halloween. Therefore, I’m providing you with five ways to celebrate Halloween in summer while you’re bored in self-quarantine.

Bake Halloween-inspired Treats

Pumpkin-spice muffins, anyone? Baking is one of the best ways to get your whole house smelling like autumn when you use spices like cinnamon and nutmeg. You can make simple cinnamon muffins, or you can go all out and decorate ghoulish-looking treats with icing and fondant. Some cool ideas worth searching up include Frankenstein cupcakes, mummy cookies, and vampire donuts. I’ve even seen candy corn rice krispie treats and eyeball cake pops! Might I suggest a mug of warm cider or pumpkin hot chocolate on the side?

Spookify Your Home

Just like the Christmas lovers are decorating their homes with tinsel and holly, you can decorate your home with creepy spiderwebs and skeletons to bring those awesome spooky vibes into your space. Hanging up an autumn wreath or placing gourds such as squash on the porch can serve as a nice autumn accent to your home. Another way to spookify your home is to decorate your own Halloween tree – a classic from those who love celebrating Halloween all year round. Really, so many things can be done to get the inside of your house basking in the Halloween spirit, from placing old sheets on couches to placing vintage lanterns on the steps – it all comes down to what Halloween looks and feels like to you.

Go Ghost Hunting

As we’re currently unable to visit haunted locations, ghost hunting in your own home is a great way to find out if your place is actually haunted. This one is a personal favorite, as if you have a paranormal-loving family like mine, then ghost hunting can be a fun activity for the whole family to enjoy. If you don’t have a real EMF detector, you can purchase one on the App store or download a free one. I have never bought one myself, but I have had success using the app, XB7 Spirit Box Free. There are countless ghost apps out there – just pick the one you like and have at it, or you can go old-fashioned and take photos, recordings, and videos to watch them back and see if orbs or any mystical apparitions show up.

Plan a Costume dinner

I’ve seen many families who are putting on themed dinners every night to keep things interesting. Whether you’re one of those families or not, planning a fun night where everyone dresses up in their best Halloween costumes at the dinner table can bring something different to the usual routine. Not to mention the laughs and smiles that will ensue from possible outrageous costume ideas. Be creative and wild in your creations – find things in your closet to put together something you’ll be remembering for ages after. Why not whip out the ol’ spandex and transform into a totally awesome superhero? Alternatively, single dwellers can dress up by themselves or with their pets and hold their own little costume photo shoot. Shaggy and Scooby, anyone? How about Dani and Binx?

Tell Scary Ghost Stories

What better way to bond with the family than to scare each other silly telling real ghost stories around the fire? If you don’t have access to a real fireplace or backyard fire pit, consider playing a crackling fire scene on the TV. Then, turn off the lights, bring out the candles and snacks, and you have yourself a cozy night filled with ghost stories. If you live alone, I suggest doing all of that but also bringing out another digital device to watch paranormal story times on YouTube (this can help you feel like you have someone with you telling you stories!). My personal favourite channels are Hailey Reese and Loey Lane, but other good ones include MrCreepyPasta and Corpse Husband.

There you have it, folks. Five easy ways to bring the spirit of Halloween into your spring home. As you can see, Halloween can be celebrated at any time of year, and without shame! After all, if Christmas-lovers can hang up their ornaments in spring and summer, Halloween fanatics can put up their favorite shrunken heads, too. Equality, right?


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