St. Anthony’s Feast Day | Beliefs, Rituals, and Superstitions

Tonight, on June 12th, marks the eve of St. Anthony’s Day, also known as Dia do Santo Antonio. It is a wonderful day of festivities, especially if you are a single woman  looking for love!

In European and Hispanic tradition (among those with Catholic beliefs), St. Anthony is known as the patron saint of marriage, love, and lost things. Those who are superstitious say that a woman who wishes to find a boyfriend or marry should light a candle before a statue or stamp of St. Anthony and pray to him for two weeks that she finds love.

There are stories and folklore from women all over the world who claim that St. Anthony helped them find their one true love. For instance, one of the stories that I found online was about a girl in Mexico who wanted a boyfriend but it seemed like no man would pay any attention to her. She started praying to St. Anthony everyday for two weeks. Still, she waited and nothing happened. She got so angry that she threw her St. Anthony statue out the window. The statue ended up falling on a man’s head, and she went to say sorry. However, they ended up falling in love and getting married!

Coming from European and Catholic descent, my family has observed St. Anthony’s Day annually for years. We bring out our giant St. Anthony statue so that his presence watches over us during our celebration.

The traditions that my family practice may be a little different from what others may have experienced.

Being single myself, I have done rituals on St. Anthony’s Day that supposedly show you when you’re going to marry (stand at the top of a staircase and throw a shoe behind your back – however many steps it went down is how many years it will be until you marry), what your future husband will look like (stand in front of a mirror with a lit candle and pray to St Anthony to show the face your future spouse in the mirror), and the first initial of your future husband (explained below).

The one that the women in my family look forward to the most every year is one where we fill up a large basin with water and light a tall candle (preferably white, although it can probably be red or pink as well to symbolize love) and tip the candle over the basin to let it drip until it begins to form a pool and stops forming a letter. The shape that the wax has made is said to be the first initial of your future spouse. The whole time you are doing this, you must keep your mind from thinking about any specific person that you already know and keep thinking of St. Anthony’s divine help, because it can interfere in the ritual’s accuracy.

My mother and sisters all swear that their attempts at the ritual came true. They all received the letter that is the first of their now-husband’s name. Call me crazy, but I think St. Anthony is working wonders here. We’ll just have to see if my letter is true!

I just want to add a disclaimer here that not all women may want to find love, and marriage is definitely not a requirement for all females. This is just something to do for those interested in observing or learning about an age-old tradition.

If you are superstitious like my family or are just looking for a fun thing to do to celebrate the festival of St. Anthony, why not give these fun “rituals” a shot? Who knows – you might even get a true glimpse into the future!

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