The Inca Empire | Uncovering Forgotten Wisdom of the Ancients

For many history buffs out there, the most fulfilling thing about learning about ancient civilizations is inheriting ancient wisdom and regaining what has been lost throughout a millennia.

Which explains why the Inca empire is a subject of the most profound curiosity among those fascinated by history.

The Incas relied heavily on myth and lore to explain many parts of life, and were a very religious people who built temples and sacred sites upon their land. They worshiped deities consisting of Inti the Sun god and the moon goddess Mama Kilya. In the fall of the Inca empire, much of their traditions, practices, and sacred knowledge was lost.

These people built fabulous palaces and complex architecture, which is evident in Machu Picchu’s remains, all without modern tools or technology (including wheels, horses, and iron). As they thrived, they created a strong government that emphasized the need for abundance and health for the people. In this city, people paid taxes by laboring on the myriad roads, crop terraces, irrigation canals, temples, or fortresses. Riches were also bountiful in the form of gold, and kings were often buried with these treasures.

The Inca Empire today, otherwise known as “Machu Picchu.”

Situated in what is now modern day Peru, the Incan Empire thrived during pre-Columbian America from 1438 to 1533 CE, and its last stronghold was destroyed around 1573. You may have heard of the Incas for their unfortunate defeat by the Spanish conquistadors after they set out to steal their great abundance of gold and riches. But the tragic collapse of a prosperous and booming empire is not the only thing that makes the Incas such a notable piece of history.

Many believe that the Incas took secrets with them to their graves, and that they knew something, or things, that we do not.

If you’re not really convinced yet, listen to this: the Incas allegedly prophesied the destruction of their own civilization. They knew that the Incan way of life would eventually come to an end.

Knowing this, would it not make sense that they would take measures to hide their advanced knowledge and riches, in the fear of it falling into the wrong hands? What if they left ancient treasures buried under their abandoned civilization or in places that their captors and future people would never think to look?

But besides their physical treasure, more importantly, I would be intrigued by the idea of the Incas burying or hiding ancient texts that held powerful wisdom, including prophecies and predictions for the world to come. Similar to how the Mayan empire supposedly predicted the “end of the world” (or what I believe was actually a massive shift in human consciousness) in 2012, could the Incas have made a similar prediction that we don’t even know about (and may never will)?

Much of Incan myth is told through constellations and astronomy, as this is what their religion was heavily centered on. Could there be ancient wisdom hidden among their tales? More importantly, is their extensive knowledge of astronomy somehow the way the Incas knew that their fate led to destruction? I wonder if they saw something in the sky that alerted them to protect what was theirs. In that case, seeing things “written in the stars” takes on a whole new meaning.

To the Inca, everything in the world was connected: the sky, the trees, the human. Perhaps there is a connection, then, to their fascination with constellations and the untimely end to an advanced civilization – maybe something that the Spanish conquistadors did not want getting out.

It seems to me that the Incas will forever remain a mystery, at least for now. Like the Egyptians and other ancient civilizations, some secrets are meant to stay hidden for eternity. Some wisdom, perhaps, is not meant to make it to future generations. To be honest with you, I would rather have it remain hidden than have their sacred land uprooted by explorers (and pretty much repeat what the Spanish Conquistadors did five centuries ago).

Learn a little more about the rise and fall of the Inca Empire in this Ted ED by Gordon McEwan.

What do you think of the Inca empire? Do you believe they could have had advanced wisdom? Let me know in the comments below.

The Everything Toltec Wisdom Book: A Complete Guide to the Ancient Wisdoms by Allan Hardman

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