Philosophies of Off-Gridders | Enhanced Spirituality and Being Content With Little

I’m sure that by now, in this day and age, if you are into things that are deemed “out of the ordinary” by most, you have likely heard of the terms “off-grid” or “tiny house.” As technology becomes more prevalent in modern society, and people begin relying on smartphones, electronics, and new inventions to satisfy their wants and needs, more and more people are denying the system and finding a new way to live that involves completely disconnecting oneself from the main grid and living in a house less than half of the size of the one you’re probably sitting and reading this in right now. But what exactly makes these people choose to get up and leave everything they’ve ever known to live someplace with far less than what they had before?

I’ve been inspired to make this post by this video I watched recently about this couple that downsized from a regular townhouse to a tiny house off-grid. I’ve seen many videos on the topic, including documentaries, but this video, with their beautiful little tiny house they built themselves, just really strengthened my desire to do something similar. It also made me want to explore the reasons why this couple wanted to do this in the first place, which I get into down below.

Less is More

Minimalism is one of the most beneficial rising trends in society today, and I say that with personal experience. As somebody who has cleaned out their closet and removed four large garbage bags full of clothes, I can be the first to tell you how relieving it feels to give away all that junk you don’t need or haven’t used for ages. People give away their old things so that they can be more content with the things they have and appreciate the simple things in life. Most tiny house dwellers are minimalists by default because you can’t exactly fit much in a house less than 1000 square feet, and usually, none of them are complaining. Therefore, living off-grid in a tiny house can improve your personality by helping you become less superficial, greedy, and materialistic, so that you are grateful, kind, and appreciative of the things you have and delight in the small experiences that you have.

Spiritual Experiences

Living off-grid can offer you spiritual experiences like no other. I don’t say this only for those who are spiritual and specifically looking to have a spiritual experience, but also for those who have no idea what spirituality is, because you, too, if you lived off-grid, might have experiences that count as “otherworldly” or “metaphysical,” like when you sit in a field or near some trees and feel this immense sensation of purity, oneness, and overall positive emotion. That is what a spiritual experience can be. Yes, you can have these types of experiences in public places like a park or even inside your home in the big city, but when you live off-grid with all the distractions of modern busy life gone, these experiences can become much more profound and easier to occur.

Being in the Heart of Nature

Have you guys heard of this guy on YouTube called Infinite Waters? If you haven’t, check him out. One of his infamous catchphrases is, “We out here in the heart of nature, baby, can I get a hello-o-o-o there?” You most certainly can get a hello there, Ralph, because being in nature provides the most healing and calming benefits known to man. I spoke briefly in my last subheading about the way being around nature can offer you profound spiritual experiences, but I would just like to share with you all just how exactly nature can play an important part of your life. Nature is everywhere, but when you’re off-grid, and the land is bigger than your house, you have far more access to it than you would living in a suburban townhouse. Nature can provide benefits including relaxation, acting as a stress-reliever especially where water is concerned, as well as proven physical benefits such as improved memory and concentration, better vision, and less sickness. It’s crazy what just being around the natural earth can do for you. Do you ever play nature music at bedtime to help you fall asleep, with crickets chirping or streams running? Imagine living in a tiny house and having all that free outside your window.

Getting Away From the Distractions

When you’re living off-grid, away from the main power lines and connections, you’re most likely going to have less access to Internet. Sometimes, there may even be issues with electricity, which is why most off-gridders opt for natural, eco-friendly sources of energy, such as solar paneling and satellites. But in the grand scheme of things, this can be considered a good thing. With the dangers of social media and its effects on society and the young generations, being away from it may bring positive consequences to one’s well-being. Sometimes, we can even get so carried away by what we post on social media and the things that we see online that it can put serious burdens on our mental health. In fact, being away from technology in general may allow you to lead a life full of gratitude, sincerity, positivity, and more, as oftentimes, doing things the old-fashioned way instead of the tech-based way provides far more benefits than the latter.

Off-grid tiny house living is something that many modern townhouse dwellers would consider hippie-ish or as some treehugger idea, but in reality, it is much more advantageous to one’s overall well-being than they would originally think. These are the reasons why the philosophies of off-gridders are some that I personally would employ, and why I wholeheartedly believe that more people should be aware of this style of living so that others can be exposed to the amazing benefits it has to offer.

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